Monday, July 23, 2012

Science Camp - Day 1

Wow!  This summer has FLOWN by!   We are already on week 6.  WOW.

I purchased this kit off of a daily deal site.  I cant remember if it was 1saleaday, or Woot, im thinking it was WootKids, but dont remember for sure.

 Anyways - Its at a much higher grade level than the boys are so my husband and I decided we would do it with them & read them threw all the activites.  The first group was explaning volume and other stuff, they wanted you to do all this weighing and stuff like that.  We did not.

We filled a measuring cup with 200ml of water
We added an alkselser tablet
We watched it

What is happening to the tablet?  "Its bubbling"
Yes, Is the water level going up? "Yes"
I wonder why that is?

Cool, on to activity number two.  Whats in side a diaper?

An aboorbing plastic you say?  hmmmm

Lets take a look

Cutting diaper length wise

ta da!

Dumped cotton & plastic beads in to measuring cup

adding water - next time will add just a bit at a time

substance thickened.  The boys squished it and felt it, we watched the tiny plastic beads aborb water and talked about how this material works in the diaper

That wraps up day one!

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