Tuesday, July 24, 2012


We had friends come stay the weekend with us.  First we declared it FUN FORT FRIDAY and we put the tent up

When you are in a tent you need the perfect camping food, so we had vanilla wafers, marshmallows and chocolate chips

Time to fix lunch, Mac-N-Cheese for everyone!  That pan was TOO small for four boxes of Mac-N-Cheese

Fun times with friends

After lunch we played with playdou

As a child I was not allowed to mix colors....so this is really, really hard for me.  But I let them do it

I made them cook dinner, that's right, when you have THAT many kids you have to put them to work

we made pizza, smashed out our dough

added tomato sauce, cheese and toppings

Then I baked every ones pizza in my handy dandy pizza cooker

What a fun friend Friday!

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