Monday, August 6, 2012

The Art Gallery

This morning we had the following conversation:

Noah - "Mom when can I have a phone like yours?"
Me - "When you can afford the monthly payment"
Noah "How much is it?"
Me "- $100 dollars + the cost of the phone"
Noah - "Is there a phone that cost a dollar a month??"
Me - "No", "Would you like to make a plan on when you can afford a phone?"
Noah "sure"

So he got his note pad and we wrote:

Noah's Goals

Cell phone by age 6
Cost of phone - $150
Monthly service $100

Me - "Now Noah, what kind of job can you have where you can make $100 dollars a month?"
Noah - "I'm 6"
Me - "Yes I know but you want a phone"
Noah - "I can draw"
Me - "Okay, great, how much will you sell you drawings for?"
Noah "$3.00"
Me  - "That seems like a fair price, okay so you have to sell 50 drawings to buy your phone and then you have to sell 34 drawings a month to afford your phone.  Dose this seem like a sustainable job?...A job you could keep up to afford your phone?"

At this he went to work, his original plan was to go door to door and try and sell his drawings, I was going to let him, but his dad was worried about self esteem issues.  So instead we opted for an "Art Gallery" and he invited his family and some neighbors

The art on display

Making signs for the front door so people know to come up stairs
He called his grandmother to tell her about the art gallery.

"Gran, id like to invite you to the art gallery today at the house.  Yes.  Grand opening......Well I have lots of things for sale, $10 each, Oh and there is one thing for $100 dollars, but don't get me started on that.  Ya Eli has decided he is going to be an actor and put on a play of Thor and throw stuffed animals at people at the end...he thinks people will pay him for this.....okay just make sure you come to my art gallery first."

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