Monday, August 27, 2012

Papa's 80th Birthday Party - PIC Heavy

My grandfather just had his 80th birthday party.  And we decorated the tables with different themes from his life.  Hes liked a lot of things & had a lot of hobbies
We did a three tier cake from the Sugar Mama, representing the three Biggest parts of his life.  The Navy, being a barber and his faith

When he was 17 he raced motorcycles

He loves to golf & at one point in his life was really into growing roses

He was really into NASA and the space program & collected space patches

If you know my grandfather, you know he loves the 4th of July.  He leads the 4th of July parade in his neighborhood

Taking pictures was also another big hobby of my grandfathers.


A good shot of the cake table
And all the pretty cupcakes
When my parents were married, my grandmother on my fathers side, knew a man who did drawings.  He did a sketch of my grandfather as a barber & with a camera that my grandfather used on all his business cards.  It became his little logo.  For the party a good friend of my grandmothers changed it to fit all the centerpieces.
Clarence the cake topper - Party Man


Clarence the Motorcycle Man

Clarence the Gardner
Clarence "Mr. Independence

Faith Table
Navy table
Barber table
Camera table
Clarence LOVES Christmas

AND Baseball
Clarence the Golfer

All the papas!



Family Man

Papa and some guest
He spotted Michael

The three of us together!
Camera check

Three kids and mom
Mom and Emery
I have an idea, lets take a family photo - shot one
Shot two - lets try again, Micah was not looking
Shot three - Eli Next time be normal
Shot 4 - Really guys - please just look at the camera and smile
Shot 5 - I mean how hard is this?
Shot 6 - we said be normal and look at the camera
Shot 7 - Okay, um maybe we got one
At this time I cant figure out how to get my grandfathers speach uploaded, it may be too long to send to youtube.  Not sure.  I will keep working on it.  Here are some of the other speeches of what people had to say about him.
Happy Birthday PAPA!!!

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