Friday, August 31, 2012

Pirate Camp

I got behind on my "summer camp" post.  I will post one a week till they are all caught up.  We did finish them!  Just finding time to blog with three kids home was rather difficult. But eventually the links will be filed all nice and neat, so you can reference them.  If you ever want to do your own pirate camp.
The night before I set up a treasure chest, pirate clothes and make a treasure hunt.
When they woke up I instuctued them to put on their pirate clothes and follow the directions on the treasure hunt map

Each map lead them to another map and each map had a pirate toy sitting on top of it
Once they had found all three "treasures"  the note said "Now go play with pirates"
On the kitchen table I had all of their pirate toys set up and ready to play with
This was our first day of pirate camp!

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