Monday, October 1, 2012

Home School

Some of you may know we made the decision to start homeschooling about 3 weeks ago. We are so happy with that decision. There were so many things that I did not realize about public school, and I think homeschooling is an awesome option, for us.
 My favorite thing about homeschool is the flexability. Most days we start school at 8:00am, Tuesdays we start at 6:30am because I have bible study at 9:30, Wednesdays we do about an hour of school and then we go to the library. The first week I spent testing and deciding what week to start the kids on. Each subject they are at different spots on. So unlike public school we can work at their speed and level and I can challenge them. The second week, I made changes from the first week & Elis curriclum came in so I added to it and decided where to start him. And this week I feel like we really have a groove. We have a plan, I know whats working, I know where they are, its awesome. And to see the look on your kids face when they "get it" is so awesome, so awesome. I love it. Also since they are homeschooled we all get to go to Dallas with Wes next week on business. I could not be more excited with the route we have chosen to go with their education!
Oh  yes, and "socilization"  I laugh because that was actually the problem.  Yes at public school they are in class with other kids, but its not a giant social party.  Infact I last year no children from Noahs class came to his birthday party, all his friends are from out side "public school"  of course he knows kids there, but they met them out side of school.  They go to church on Sunday, they are in base ball 5 days a week, thats where they will make their friends.  He had an 80 in conduct because he was such a little social butterfly & it was not allowed. 

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