Friday, October 5, 2012

Getting Started On Home Schooling, FAQ's

Here are some questions I had when considering home schooling, I will add to the list as I discover more questions that people have.
What's the best way to get started?
To start.  I suggest a curriculum that lays it all out for your first year.  I have been told that you get more comfortable picking and choosing as you go on.

Can you tell me your schedule?
Sure!  Here is my schedule:  We start at 8:00 say pledges, prayers and morning recitation, then we do phonics & spelling, Math, Reading, Copy & Memory work, and we rotate story time, science, social studies, music & art.  When we have finished the work for the day, we are done.  
On Wednesdays we go to the Library & I plan on making this our service day as well, but we have not done service yet

 Are you part of a group?
I am happy to say I just joined a moms support group.  We meet at 3007 Yost behind Shady Crest Baptist church once a month. Its nice to be a part of a group of other moms doing this.  We share information on curriculum, and share ideas, its really great.  However, I think I talk too much, next time Im going to be quiet :)

 What curriculum do you use?
I use Memoria Press.  Its very nice, it lays the whole year out for you.  Noah is on week 10 is some things week 7 in others.  That's the nice thing about home schooling, you meet the skill level, not the age level.
In science we are doing junior botany.  I added it as a supplemental fun thing to do, that is the other nice thing about home schooling, since at this age Science and History is not taught, we can add it here.
I got some great recomendations yesterday -
Singapore math, review was its not repetative, heavy & word problems.
Saxton (I think we will do this one next year) Does Facts pratice, mental math & lesson.
The life of Fred  - sounds interesting, apparently very popular with kids
Kids of Character - great character building lessons
Sequential Spelling
All about Spelling
Conos (I think we will try this one too)
Should we be finished this early?
This one is hard for me, because I thought my kids were actually learning for 8 hours.  But the answer is yes, and the answer is easy.  #1 there is a lot of wasted time in public school, #2 the teacher is teaching 23+ kids, your teaching one or two, or sometimes more, but not 23, so its easy to ge through the material quicker.  I would say most days we are done by lunch. 
What do you like most about home schooling?
This is only my 3rd week (I think), but what I like most is the flexability.  The first week of homeschool I was able to take the kids last min to see the space shuttle fly in on its way to California.  Had they been in public school they would have missed it.  My husband is going to Dallas next week on business, because we can do school work based on our schedule (weekends if we want to, doubble up certian days) we can go with him.  I am also enjoying seeing them learn.  Getting BIG hugs when they "get" something, helping them work through frustration of learing new things.

I will add to this list as I have more questions & find the answers :)

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