Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Why we said "No" to Santa

With the Holidays approaching we get asked quite often why we decided not to do Santa.  I'm starting to feel like I have a third eye, I am often explaining our decisions and why we have chosen to do things a bit differently.  The reason was two fold for us, and actually very simple.
  First and foremost, my husband works very hard to support us, and we appreciate it very much.  Therefore I wanted the kids to know that gifts came from us, they were worked for - not free and that nothing magically shows up in your house.  They know we have a limit, they can ask for things, but real people that they actually know, purchase their gifts.

The second part of the reason is I did not want to lie to my children.  Santa is not real, hes not.  He does not come down the chimney, and he does not bring you gifts.  The reason we celebrate Christmas is for Jesus.  To celebrate his birth and that is where we chose to put our focus.  Now, that being said, we allow them to pretend.  We gave them the facts, Santa is not real, but we allow them to see Santa if they want to (so far they have not), we do Elf on the shelf (they know its me), this does not take away from the magic of pretending & imagination.
What if they tell other children?
Yes this will happen & has happened.  Its going to happen anyway, someone told you.  Not to mention, Jehovah Witnesses, and some other eastern religions do not do Santa.  Point - my kids and yours if you choose not to do Santa will not be the only ones to "ruin" it for people.
Don't you think they are missing out on fun?
  No not at all.  We do all the "fun" they just know the truth behind the fun.  Its me and daddy.

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