Thursday, August 30, 2012

This can't happen every day.....

My brother came to visit from Virgina Beach and we had a really nice time visiting with him at my moms house.  Then it was time to go, the first day of school was the next day.   I start the task of loading up three children.  I load the diaper bag, ask the older kids to get shoes on, and collect all of our belongings.  We had borrowed my moms car & she had borrowed my van so I began switching back vehicles. 
Somewhere in the mist of this Noah runs through a pile of ants.  Hm no shoes?  Go figure.  So hes screaming "AHH ANTS! ANTS!  It hurts, It Hurts!"  My brother and my grandmother were trying to comfort him and all I had was some ice tea, so I poured it on his foot.   First I decided between Ice Tea and Coke and decided that Ice tea would be the better, less sticky option.   I kind of forget my brother is watching me while all this goes on, keep that in mind as your reading.  So I pretend that ice tea is like a magic fix to an ant bite.  "Really it still hurts?  Well just give it a few min, it should kick in soon"
So the ant thing calms down, I ask again "Go get on your shoes"  they run off - one would presume they were running off to get shoes.  Well I get the baby, get him strapped in the van and about this time we realise we don't have the keys to the van.  Mom does, and she ran off to the store. 
Well this is terrific.  So we decide to take her car home, leave the baby with grampa and they will bring us our van and the baby.  Time to switch cars!  Whoo-hoo excitement.  So I switch the cars back.  Now, where are those kids, you know the ones with their shoes?  Oh ya, one has his shoes on. 
I'm sitting in the car with it running, Noah in the back seat, talking to Michael, and waiting on Wes and Eli.  Wes comes I say "Hey wheres Eli?"  Wes says "I think hes coming, just getting his shoes on"  Here comes Eli.  Does he have his shoes on?  Take a guess, we don't call him "Eli Noshoe Murdock" for no reason.  So Wes gets out of the car to go help Eli find his shoes.
Michael and I are looking at each other like "man this is crazy"  and just about that time Noah pipes up from the backseat
"Hey Uncle Michael" 
"Ya Buddy"
"Your going to be sacrificed later"
Both Michael and I look at each other like "what the crap was that?"
"Noah - buckle up" I say.  I mean what else do you say when your child tells your brother hes going to be sacrificed?  That seemed like an appropriate response.  So here come Wes and Eli, thank the Lord, we do have our first day of school tomorrow.  We buckle up and drive home to finish last min preparations for school and get the kids to bed at a decent hour.
Later as Michael is recapping this story to my mom he says "Everyday can't be like that for her"
Oh Michael, if you only knew. 

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