Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Baby of the Corn

I was looking for some balls to add to my ball pit, but was having no luck.  Then I saw a 50lb bag of corn.  Terrific!
Micha and I ran home and dumped it in our "sensory pool"  I added some measuring cups for dumping
Because corn is a choking hazard, I sat in the pool with him.  When he would start to bring his hands to his mouth I said "no mouth" and moved his hands away.  He loved it!
He moved his legs the whole time we were in the corn listening to the crunching sound it made on the plastic.
 I would cover his feet in corn & then he would move them till he could see his toes again
 This lasted 30 min.  He would have stayed in longer, but it was time for me to feed him.
 when we were done I cleaned all the corn off of him and checked his diaper for any that had snuck in.  We will be doing this again soon

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