Saturday, June 9, 2012

Day Five - Basset Hound Day

Today was dog day

I focused on bassets because thats what we have.  We played a game at breakfast to see who knew more about bassets.

Are Basset Hounds affectionate and loyal? - YES

How much do Basset Hounds weigh?  40 to 60 pounds

How long do Basset Hounds live?  9 to 12 years

Do Basset hounds have long ears or short? LONG

Do Basset Hounds like to lay around or are they really active? Lay around..mostly :)

SO I asked them questions like these and when they answered right they got a tally mark and when they ansered wrong it was a learning oppurtiunty.  We talked about brushing & bathing and playing. 

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