Thursday, June 21, 2012

Week 3 - Mommy and Eli Week

Mommy and Eli Week

This week is pretty flexible because it's Elis week, pretty much what ever he wants to do, with in reason we are doing it. 

The kids are pretty tired this week.  In addition to Art Camp last week they did VBS at our Church - Amazing Wonders.  The night time VBS's are hard on the kids Eli's age.  You can see crafts they did last week, Here, here and here

This week Noah is going to a day time VBS - Zapped, which I have to say is pretty cool, and then they are both doing a night time VBS/art camp at my moms church.  We are all pretty exhausted this week, so they have mandatory rest time after lunch. 

Here is what we did this week:
Monday - Mommy & Eli made brownies

Tuesday -played video games -
I like the Kinect because even though they are playing a game, they move.

Wednesday - Movie Day

Thursday - Video Games &Movie Day & made brownies

Friday - Play date & Chick-fli-a

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