Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Side of the road chair

I was driving to meet my friend at Chic-fli-a when I saw this chair on the side of the road.  So I had to stop and get it.  I always dream about buying a rocking chair from Crackerbarrel.  But I never have.  I first looked it over and made sure it was sturdy.  It was.

It had a few spots where the paint was worn

 You can see the wooden pegs sliding out.  I hit those with a hammer and tightned it back up

More close ups of areas needing paint (Opie wanted to be in the picture)

You get the idea, it needed to be painted, but overall was in good shape

I grabbed some spray paint at the store
(I decided to keep it black, it goes well with my house)

And whalla!  A wonderful rocking chair for some front portch sitting.
Not quite as nice as crackerbarrels chairs....but close

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