Thursday, June 28, 2012

Secret Agent Man

My step dad picked the boys up a top secret spy kit at the dollar store.  It was super cool for a dollar.  I told my husband it was like a history lesson and a spy kit all in one.  It started with the film camera included in the kit.

"Mom what is film?"

ha ha ha ha!  I guess next your going to ask me what Atari is?

I tried to explaine what it was, then I just said "Its a play camera, stick it in your dress up clothes."  Do they even make film anymore?

So onto our spy activites.  They teach you how to look around a corner, with out being seen.
As you can see above it had a lot of stuff.  Most of it is old school spy things.  So in the even of a black out my kids will know what to do and all the new fangled high tech spies will be out of business. 
Thats right, move over spy kids, the Murdocks are here.

First they teach your kiddos the ever handy inconspicous camera in a paper bag trick.  Because no one would notice that.

They made their own secret agent phones out of juice boxes

Mapped our location

We made secret idenites, which is also a lot like teaching your kid to make a fake ID.  I laughed about this to myself and wondered what I will say when they are 18 and get busted for having an ID that says they are 21.  Oh well we will cross that bridge when we get to it.

 It was so funny. 
me -  "What is your spy name?"
Eli - "Volta"
Me - "Okay, what does Volta do?"
Eli - " He is a Ninja"
Me - "and how old is he?"
Eli - 12

I tried to explaine that spys and ninjas dont tell people thats what they are.  They say they are plumbers or house wifes.  And their secret identy is ninja.

Secret notes with white crayon

finger printing with pencile led

a code wheel

Morse Code

Then we did these secret notes.  I wrote it using the code thing on the left

The Noah decoded it

His face when he read it

Ha! Ha!  We had fun learning how to be spies!

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