Thursday, June 21, 2012

Art Camp - Day Four - Tie Dye

Its time to tie dye!  Lets get started

First thing first baby brother needs his safety goggles.  Right?

Check - glad that's out of the way.  Okay now on to set up

Open pretty kit and read instructions

add setting tablets to warm water and soak 24 hours.

WHAT?!!!  Oops, I guess I should have read that last night.  Oh well.

 Adding water

Mixing colors

 So Fun!  We FINALLY get to touch the dye!

 Picking our colors

 Folding our shirts

 Folding, folding, folding

 Good job Noah!

 Putting his shirt in the tie dye container

 Adding colors

 This is serious business.

 Once the colors were added, I removed the shirt and placed it in a plastic bag to set over night

 Then It was Eli's turn

 Adding colors

Deep in thought
Once the tie dye sits over night, you take it out and rinse it until the water runs clear.  Then you allow it to air dry.  Here are the finished products.
 Eli's "Folded" shirt

Noah's "folded" shirt

The bulls eye method (you tie it up like this, then dye it, you can also dye it directly in the plastic bag if you wish)

This was so much fun!  Defiantly a several day project.  There are apparently 4 different ways to tie a shirt.  We have done two of the 4 ways so far.  The Folded method & the bulls eye.  The bulls eye gives the pattern that you are used to seeing tie dye in.

This will be something we repeat through the summer for sure!

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