Saturday, June 16, 2012

Good Will

After the baby I thought I would start looking at goodwill.  I really love shopping there.
First Item:  A cute pair of shoes- American Eagle $12.99

Second Pair of Shoes $8.99

Up next: Blouses
                            $4.99                                 $4.99 (Limited Top)         


                                   $4.99 Limited                                         $5.99

$4.99 each

I love a good deal!  The orange shirt is my new favortie shirt!  I wear it all the time!  When shoping at good will you just need to know your brands (a little bit) so you have some idea of what the item cost new.  For example there is a lot of Mossimo there, and Old Navy.  Well Mossimo t-shirts run about $8.00 new, and Old Navy is $5-10, so you may find those items cheeper at the store.


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