Saturday, June 9, 2012

Day Three - Farm Day

My best friend from Kindergarden lives on a farm.  I had not seen her baby and she had not seen my new baby (we live about an hour apart)  So I took the boys out to see her.
We had gotten these cool books from Chic-fli-a

Inside they have several pages, a nature walk, moon viewing.  Lots of cool stuff.  I thought the nature walk page would be good for the trip to the farm

On our way to the farm

My little hams :)

I had Noah take pictures with his camera, he did not take too many pictures, lol.  Oh well, some ideas are better than others & it was hot outside.  This may work better in cooler weather & we will defentaly be doing the moon viewing one :)
A pretty rose at our house :)  Would you belive I got no pictures at the FARM?  Not even of the new baby or my BFFFL, lol.  Sheesh, what was I thinking?

See something you like?

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