Monday, June 4, 2012

The Zoo - Day One - Week One

For our first week of summer cousin Georgia visited us

Day one week one, First up was the zoo

My three Monkeys posing with the monkey

 Its not as easy as it looks getting everyone to pose for pictures

Noah read the signs to us and told us what all the animals ate

We had fun discussions about baboons and their bottoms.

 We had to see G's fav animal, the Zebra

This was when the melt down occured, G did not want to pose with E

The rest of the day included a water gun fight, viewing of Bolt and Ice Cream after dinner, as well as some fun pretend play.

This week we are reading animal themed books to help focus on the animal camp week & making sure to log them on our summer reading log!

Tonight one of the books we read was this Monarch Butterfly book, this gave us a chance to talk about the beautiful butterfly garden at the zoo & our own milkweed plants.

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