Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Cleaning and Other Stuff

As a mother, I stive to make sure my boys understand a thing or two about cleaning.

Me - Noah, bring me your dirty clothes
Noah - I don't have any dirty clothes
Me  - Really? You dont?
Noah - Well, let me smell them

Mission accomplished.

Sometimes I let them relax while I pick up
Me - Noah, I am going to be cleaning the house while you and your brother watch tv
Noah - Good, Do you think after you get this place clean we could have some people over?
Me - What?
Noah - Listen mom, I know you are busy, but this place is a mess and we cant have people over until its clean

And last but not least - they help me in the kitchen
me - where is the trash can lid?
Noah - Oh that?  Well I tried to fix it, but was not able to.  How weird is that?

(please remember Noah was 3 in these stories)

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