Friday, May 15, 2015

ADHD diet

We began to suspect ADHD in my middle child.  We have already made the choice of alternative schooling so we decided to try a diet change to see if we noticed a difference. (6 week challenge). I spent most of the weekend preparing and cleaning out the pantry.

For the first few weeks, I will  keep the meals very simple as times goes on I will add more choices at breakfast and lunch.  Today for breakfast we had our pasure raised eggs (we own our own chickens) and nitrate free sausage.  Two of the kids chose to have bannanas instead.

While I was doing school with my oldest child, my middle child (the one we are doing the diet for) runs into my bed room and finds the only candy that I had forgotten about.  My husbands M&M dispencer.  I quickly empited it.

For lunch we had nitrate free lunch meat roll ups, cheese, carrots and apple slices.  It was a huge hit.  The kids ate it up.  Last week I went to Dream Dinners in Pearland, because I was wanting to make this week as easy as possible.  I am working on getting my own ADHD freezer meals together.  We had the Cranberry Buttermilk Chicken with oven roasted broccoli.  The whole family said they would eat it agian.  It was very nice to have something on hand to make this process easier.

Some odd things I noticed, I was extremely tired today (not related to the diet change) and I had purchased enough bananas to last us all week.  While I was resting, Eli ate two bunches of bananas.  I am not sure what that is about, I set a limit of one banana per person, per day.

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