Sunday, May 31, 2015

30 Day Fast - Day 2( May 30, 2015)

Today I woke up & took my measurements.  Today they were:
Weight - 156.4
Bust - 39
Chest - 35
Waist - 33
Hips - 42
Thigh - 23
Calves - 15
Upper arm - 12
Fore arm - 10
Neck - 14

I let our ducks out, had some coffee & did today's readings.  Judges 7-10 and 1 Corinthians 9-10.  I had 16 oz of orange juice.  We cleaned the house took care of the animals and did the laundry.  For lunch I had grape juice and V8 juice. 
We went shopping at whole foods where I grabbed some kombucha.  Kombucha has a very small alcohol content (.5%)  and I have to admit I felt it (it was store bought)  I think it was due to the lack of food.  I normally feel no alcoholic effects from Kombucha.  This fasting time my husband commented that drinking the different juices I don't seem as tired as last time.

That wraps up day 2 on to day 3!!!

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