Sunday, May 17, 2015

ADHD Diet - Day 3, 4 & 5

My motto this week was "Come Closer"  I had read a blog about it (I tried to find it, but I cant.  When I do I will link to it)  It basically said that you don't yell across the room for people in any work type situation.  That if you need a person, you go to them - come closer.  So I started asking the boys to come to me, or I would go to them.  This cut down on yelling, actually it made it almost zero.

Wednesday we did some cleaning, I purchased birthday cards for my volunteers at church.  The kids were having some serious carb cravings so I made some home made tortillas and they ate them with their ham and cheese roll ups for lunch.

Thursday was pretty similar to the earlier days.  I am noticing a huge difference in Eli, but I am wondering if anyone else is.

Friday I took the kids to their grandparents house.  I packed their lunches and got dinner together for our evening group.  This part is going to take some practice.  I dont normally have to worry about packing food.   I replaced our toothpaste.  Now for the BIG reveal that this is all worth it.  I called their grandfather after they had been with him for about an hour or two and asked if he noticed a difference.  Now their grandfather is a meat and potatoes - no special diet kind of guy.  He said YES!  He has become one of my biggest ADHD diet fans and goes out of his way to make sure they stay on the diet. 

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