Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Summer Plans

Summer is right around the corner and last night I made our summer "bucket list"
and hung it on the wall.  The paper chain represents one day until the end of summer and the buckets are our "Summer Camp" for each week

 Noah was excited to read all the camps

He asked tons of questions.

Here are our camps
Welcome to summer - Click Here
Week 1 - Animal Camp
Week 2 - Art Camp
Week4 - VBS
Week 5 - Wet - N- Wild Camp
Week 6 - Dinosaur Camp
Week 7 - Science Camp
Week 8 - Cooking Camp
Week 9 - Super Hero Camp
Week 10 - Pirate Camp
Week 11 - Summer Games

During the summer I will share in more detial what we did each week

Here's to summer!

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