Saturday, May 12, 2012

Eli's Birthday

My Eli turned 5 recently
And he really wanted a Woody doll

So he got a Woody Doll :)

Then it was time to set up for his pool party!

 Fun colorful plates from walmart (top left)  Food table (top right)
Cake table (middle left) party favors, back yard battle buckets filled with water balloons (middle right)
fruit cobs (bottom left) pool (bottom right)

We had a pre party pool visitor

Then it was time to get this show on the road


There was lots of swimming.

Water balloon fights

 Cake eating

 And present opening.

Just one more funny thing.  Aunt Amy got Eli two dwarf African frogs for his birthday with my approval

He was so excited.  The ladies at the toy store said "don't worry, they are both males so you don't have to worry about babies"  Great I thought.

 Then the boys came and got me because the frogs were hugging and it was so cute

 ya its super cute.  And we might have baby frogs soon

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