Thursday, February 10, 2011


My kids were invited to a really cool wrestling birthday party at the VFW.  Once a month the VFW has amiture wrestlers come and they do a little wrestling show.  I was sure the kids were going to love it.  My husband and step dad took them.
So the Eli was telling me how awesome it was.
Eli - "mom it was so cool!"
Me - really, what happened?
Eli - We got in the ring and my friend grabed the mike and said "hey dude shake your booty", then I grabed the mike and said "Ya dudes stand up and shake your bootys!
Me - really (I knew they had gotten in the ring for pictures)  You did that?, let me check with your dad
umm, Eli Daddy says that did not happen
Eli - Oh he had stepped out for a min.

Picture by Rhonda Meridith

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