Friday, February 4, 2011

I look like poop

It was cold out side, so cold.  Okay it was cold for Texas weather.  Around here it goes from 70 to 30 with no notice.  I guess there is notice if you watch the news.  But I do not.  The kids were at their grandparents house and Gramps was taking them to the park.  Since they had no jackets gramps took off his hoody, rolled up the sleaves and put it on Eli.  This came with much protesting.

Eli - I dont want to wear this
Gramps - you have to
Eli - I dont want to
Gramps - if you want to play you have to
So they played, then they decided to go somewhere else.  So Gramps took off the hoody and buckled Eli into his car seat
Eli - Gramps do I have to wear this again?
Gramps - Yes if you want to play outside
Eli - This (grabbing the jacket) looks like poop gramps, it looks like poop
Gramps (shocked) - well you have to wear the jacket, or a hat
Eli  - I will wear the hat

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