Thursday, February 3, 2011

I like to be naked

It was pizza and pajama day for the kids at school.  They were so excited.  Noah woke up and changed his pajamas, put on his shoes and was ready for school.  Noah chose to wear pajamas with the feet, the kind that are one piece and zip all the way up, and Eli chose to wear the kind with a top and a bottom The kiddos were droped off at school with no problem. 

I pick them up from school and as we are walking in the hallway I turn my head to see Noah has unzipped his pajamas, has both arms out of his pajamas and is getting naked.

Me - Noah!!!  What are you doing?  Put your pajamas back on.

There is a little girl behind us who is covering her eyes, her mom is laughing hysterically

Noah - i just like to be like this
Me - Put them on now

We continue in to the parking lot, I may have been muttering something about being mortified (I do this a lot)  I turn my head and hes got his pajamas un zipped agian, this time its like Dog the bounty hunter style, you know just the chest exposted.

Me - "Noah, I swear zip up your clothes and dont let it happen agian"

This father whipped his head around to see what child was undressing

Noah - Mom, I just like it like this
Me - Noah, keep your clothes on.

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