Thursday, June 25, 2015

Pre-K Thursday

We started our at home pre-school lessons this week and our first color is blue.  I got a lot of motivation here.

First we gathered lots of blue items and put them in our blue box

I picked out books with blue covers to read.  I would ask "what color is this?" and point.  I also am teaching him the signs for colors.  With him being apraxic it seems to be helping.  It gives him another way to say the color, which leads to less frustration.

He had a blue bath (frozen ice cubes, blue shaving cream and craft foam) 
* Fun tip * cut out the craft foam into the shapes you want, when you get it wet, it automatically will stick to the bath tub.

Blue play-doh and blue cars

 our blue sensory bottles
And our blue water beads

At the beginning of the week I gathered up all of the activities we would be doing for the week, and then each day I grabbed one.  The most important thing was I pointed out and signed blue every time I saw the color.

I would say this week was a sucess, however now a lot of other colors are "blue" as well.

What methods did you use to teach colors?

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