Monday, June 22, 2015

5 Ways to avoid Home Schooling Burn Out - Murdock Monday's

I am an expert on burning the candle at both ends.  I am also pretty good at looking like I have it all together.  Except when I am not all together, and the world (or a select few) see me fall apart.  That's always a lot of fun (heavy sarcasm).

Is it possible to avoid burn out?  Can you do it all?    Can you Educate your children, keep a perfect house, and any other duties that may be yours as a wife, mom and home educator?  I believe that the answer is no.  You have to prioritize

What I do:

I ask God to give me strength to do what I NEED to do. (remember there is a difference between need and want).  Does the house NEED to be clean or do you NEED to eat.  There is a difference.  We do school, meals, animal chores,  laundry, cleaning.  In that order.  Something else that helps me is assigning a chore to a day.  Example:  Monday's sweep kitchens and bathrooms, Tuesdays - Mop, Wednesdays - vacuum, Thursdays - Clean bathrooms, and so on.  That way I know that at least once in the week a particular area was cleaned

Set relaslitic expectations. 
 Can you do it all?  No.  Expecting your self to keep a perfect house, cook every meal and homeschool your children will only lead to frustration.  

 Get rid of the guilt
 This stage in our lives is very important.  It may seem tedious and like its going to last for ever, but its not going to.  I am coming up on my 15th wedding anniversary.   When I look back it doesn't seem like that long.  I have 7 years left to teach my oldest child.  Seven, less than a decade.  So if the house is a mess dont worry about it.  Soon enough this season will be over and all I will have is memories of these three beautiful children that I have been blessed with.

 Don't over book
 Its funny, people always ask about socialization.  When I started homeschooling this was a BIG concern.  When will they be social?  Oh my goodness, when will they not be?  We are apart of 3 or 4 homeschooling groups, some more active than others and we can not do ever field trip offered to us or we would never be home.  I try to do one field trip a week or every-other week.

 Don't worry what other people think. 
 Not everyone is going to be supportive.  Period.  When I first started there were a select few people who did not approve and I felt that I had to convenience them.  I dont.  They dont have to understand.  They are not homeschooling, I am.  I know this is the best decision for my family and their opinion doesn't matter to me.

What are some ways that you avoid homeschooling burn-out?

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