Friday, June 19, 2015

Friday favorites

Happy Friday!!!  It's time again for Friday Favorites, you can see my favorite things from this week and share yours with me. I am linked up here.

The grandparents took all of the kids to the beach.  I absolutely love seeing the pictures of the boys with their cousin.  The love they have for each other is so beautiful and I just really enjoy watching their interactions with each other.

I've started doing "pre-school" with Micah.  This week was blue week.  He made so much progress.  He learned the color blue and the sign for blue as well.

Tropical storm bill was supposed to make its way to the Houston area.  The media did a lot of hype but we had very little rain that day.  The boys and I made our own news clips that day.


We went to a magic show with friends, it was so much fun!

I actually found a cute swim suit, and I did not have to order it on line.  Academy had some really cute suits!  I went with the blue one.

That was my week!  How was yours?

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