Friday, June 26, 2015

Friday Favorites

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We celebrated Father's Day Saturday and Sunday.  I found this place called Boyert Shooting Center.  Their one year anniversary coincided with Father's Day.  So we went there and entered contest, had snow cones and cotton candy, games and they had a fun simulator.....Oh and that contest, they called me Tuesday to let me know I won a gun!!!  Exciting!

Great family pictures 

This doesn't happen that often, so I was glad to have some photos of us that looked cute.

Whole foods cinnamon rolls.  I am a big Whole Foods shopper, and these are awesome.

Noah's "joy tank" he made in Sunday school.  He filled it with things that brought him joy.  The first (and only one) that I pulled out said "mom". That brought me so much  joy.

Teaching the kids to be bored.  Or "empty hours".  I recently read a blog that talked about "empty hours" and not having to have a full schedule for your kids.  We are currently doing 21 days with out ipad/phone/electronic games and I am encouraging the kids to be bored.  When they come and tell me they are bored I say "That's good, its good for you.  That is when the best ideas come.  Now go enjoy your empty hours in  your room."  Its working, they are doing much more board games and other non-electronic things.

One thing they did in their empty hours was load the truck with wood.  After they finished I pointed out the feeling of self accomplishment and pride that they had.  They were very proud of themselves.

How was your week?  What was your favorite?

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