Thursday, June 9, 2011

San Antonio Day Two

Man we slept so great!  The kids actually slept in.  I love hotels!!!!  After everyone was dressed it was off to Jack in the box for breakfast.  After a yummy and totally unhealthy breakfast (trust me I tried, Wes laughed at me and said there is nothing healthy at Jack in the Box)

It was off to the Alamo. We had a blast walking around the grounds and telling the kids some Texas history.

Then we were off to Rilpeys believe it or not, which was interesting but I think Wes enjoyed it more than I did. 

 After Ripleys we headed to the Wax museum, which I loved.  It was so fun taking pitures with the different celebritys.  Wes even met the president.

Now it was time to tour the river walk.  We had a fun and informative boat ride, then lunch on the river walk. Whooo - what a day.
By the water wall

Pretty Candy Apples
Pretty baby ducks
 Lunch on the river


But were not done yet...oh no.  Back to the hotel for a short breather, changed clothes and off to the river we go!!!!  After a fun swim we headed to Red Robin for a bite to eat and NOW its time to rest.  Tomorrow is a big day :)

Savings -
Hotel Savings - $100 (points)
Jack in the Box - $15 (credit card points)
Red Robin - $20 (groupon)
Ripleys & wax Museum - $8 (coupon)
Total Savings today - $143

Day One Savings - $150
Day Two Savings - $143
Week Savings so far - $293

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