Thursday, June 9, 2011

San Antonio - Day One

On day one of our trip we drove up to San Antonio.  It was not that bad of a trip at all.  Once we got there we had a late lunch at The Magic Time Machine.  If you have kids I highly recommend this place.  We loved it.  To make it even better you can get a coupon at

When you walk in its decorated all crazy & a character is your waiter/waitress.  We had Dora the Explore.  She was awesome and so funny.  Its a laid back place, so kids can be kids and NO ONE cares.  Jack Sparrow, The Madd Hatter, Wonder Woman, the Joker and many more were there.  They would all come and talk to us.  The kids loved it.  Eli said he wanted to kiss wonder woman, then when she said he could kiss her on the cheek....he hid under the table.  At one point Dora was being silly over the loud speaker and Noah said "That is the worst Spanish I have ever heard"  Dora cracked up.  She said she trys....since after all, she is Dora.

Its also fun, they make a big deal when you ask where the bathroom.  They shout "Yellow alert, clear the way hes got to squirt!  911 potty alert!!!

The day ended with a trip to the hotel pool  & left overs for dinner.

Savings (If your interested)
Hotel Savings $100 (points)
Magic Time Machine Savings $50 ( coupon)
Total Savings - $150

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