Thursday, June 9, 2011

San Antonio - Day Three

Sea World Here we come!!!
We finally found a Dunkin Donuts.  Man that was not easy.  But once we found it we enjoyed it.  Then off to Sea World for a day of fun.  We had a quick que pass (puts you at the front of the line)  I hightly recomed it.  Totally worth the money.  We got to ride all the rides that the kids were tall enough for & see all the shows.  If we had not had the quick que pass, I am not sure this would have happened.

Azul is by far the best show.  I would compare it to a Disney show.  We were not all that impressed with the Shamu show, now that they can not swim with the Orka Whales, its not that interesting.

 Lunch with the Whales

 Traning pratice

 Watching Azul


One last picture set, I thought this was so funny!!!!

Day three was our all day Sea World day
Hotel Savings - $100 (points)
Dunkin Donut Savings - $15 (points)
Sea World Savings $100 (special ran early  in the year)
Todays savings - $210

Day One Savings - $150
Day Two Savings - $143
Day Three Savings - $210
Total Savings thus far - $503

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