Thursday, June 9, 2011

San Antonio Day Five

We had so much fun at Sea World that we scraped our original plans & headed back to the park.  We fed the dolphins (a total blast) rode our favorite ride (Journey to Alantis) and re saw our favorite show (Azul) then it was off to the water park for more swimming and fun!!!

Oh and we had so much fun at the Magic Time Machine that we went BACK for dinner!  This time Malibu Barbie was our waitress.  It was a blast!

We also saw Daphnie

 Captain jack!

 And Velma!

Today's Savings
Hotel Savings - $100 (points)

Today's total savings - $100

Day One Savings - $150
Day Two Savings - $143
Day Three Savings - $210
Day Four Savings - $100
Day Five Savings - $100
Total savings thus far - $703

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