Thursday, February 7, 2013

Happy Birthday Noah ~ 7

I saw this idea on pintrest
I ran to the store and got some balloons and crate paper, I wanted to do something fun on his actual birthday.  He was asleep and I shut his door and got to work.
About 5 am  Wes and I hear Noah yell "Help! Help! I need some help!" So we go to the door and he is standing there confused. And he said "How get out of here? I have to go pee". So Wes reached thru the paper and grabbed his hand and lead him thru the paper.  He went to the bath room and then went back to bed
So when he woke up this morning I said "so what did you think about your birthday door?" And he said "first I thought a robber shut my door, then I opened the door and jumped back at the balloons when they fell on me, then I thought  OKAY this is totally weird mom did this. But I did not know if I should break the paper or not so I called for help"
Happy Birthday baby, here's to many more birthday surprises from your momma!

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