Friday, February 15, 2013


Meet Duke!!!!

Duke was adopted from Dakota Rescue, here is his original add
Meet Duke- Dakota Rescue pulled him from MCAS when his time was up. He was also found as a stray. He is a very sweet, calm boy. He gets along great with other dogs, is kennel trained, and housebroken. He loves to lay on his doggy bed. He is so handsome with beautiful black and white fur with just a touch of brown. He's currently in foster care just waiting for his forever home. Please consider Duke, not high energy, just loves to be with people.  

There was something about Duke that I spoke to me.  I knew he was our dog.  We drove out to get him and he barked when we walked in.  Like he knew we were there for him (he rarely greets people with a bark.)

Duke was estimated to be 7 when we got him.  I think he is around 10 now.  (Bassets have an estimated life span of 14 years)  He is a sweet boy.  Living with us has definitely brought him life.  When we first got him he was slow.  I think the boys made him feel young again.  Now he runs, plays barks, He's a fun old guy.

Getting a bath!!!!

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