Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Frontier Unit - Week 2

In week two we studied Genisis and how God gave us animals to rule over.  We talked about different animlas and how we use them.  Then we studied tracks.  We did a little matching and talked about how it would be important as a fronterman to know what tracks belonged to what animal.
You know the drill.  FIELDTRIP
We went to this really cool nature trail in friendswood, and I showed the kids kind of what we were looking for
Car tracks, but we are looking for animal tracks.  Just wanted to make sure they had the right idea

And the hunt began

I just love this park
Noah pointed out how heavy the leaf cover was and how hard it was to see tracks

 We found something!!!  I think it was where a squirrel buried something
Yikes!!! Tracks!!!

Im pretty sure they were human tracks BUT it was exciting non the less!!!
Our second field trip of the week was to go to the zoo.
I made a spread sheet that said:
animal name, predator, prey, carnivore, herbivore, omnivore
as we approached each exhibit they wrote the name, and then checked of which it was. 

After a bit, we just talked about which it was.  The point was to grasp the concept of herbivore, carnivore or omnivore and to understand that some predators were frogs.  That not all predators are huge lions with BIG scary teeth 

 Watching the otters.
It was windy so Micah hung out in this hippo.

It was a good shelter from the wind
That's a wrap!!!

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