Tuesday, November 18, 2014

The Time We Ran A Duck Spa

Do you find yourself doing things that you never thought you would do?  As I get older I do more of these things.  One of which was, I never thought I would give a duck a ten minuet Epson salt foot soak every day for fourteen days.

One of our Peking ducks, Pearl, began limping and after examination of her foot, I decided that she had bumble foot.  Bumble foot is basically a foot infection that if not treated could possible cause death.  You can read more about it HERE.  Her infection had not reached the severity of the link I posted and surgery was not a route that I wanted to go.

I secluded daisy in a dog kennel.  She had food, water & shelter.  The best part of Pearl's stay was when she came in the house for a 10 minute Epson salt foot soak.
Now, if I never thought that I would have a duck in my bath tub, you can imagine that my husband never thought he would have a duck in his bath tub.  After two weeks the area that I thought was bumble foot had healed and Pearl returned to her friends.  Unfortunately Pearl seems to be predisposition to foot problems.  Several months later she started limping again.  This time I saw nothing on the bottom of her foot.  So this I put her in the kennel with food and water for a few days (to restrict her walking) and when I let her out she was fine, no limping.  So was this bumble foot? I don't know for sure, but I DO know that Pearl enjoyed her time at duck spa.

What questions or story's would you like to hear about our home stead?

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