Friday, September 27, 2013

Small World - Fall Play

I set up some fun "small world" fall play for the kids.  I will leave it up as long as they are showing  interest.  Sometimes people ask what small world play is, and it is just a term for a pretend world of play that I create for them. 
First I covered the table with brown paper.  Then I set up the pumpkins in the center.  I knew I would have four sections of our fall farm.
Giant Pumpkin Mountian
 I placed a few guys on the mountain and a little sign that said "pumpkin mountain"
The fall leaf tree
I took some of our table scatter and put it around one of our lego trees, I also added a lego man and a rake.

The Pumpkin Patch
Here we have more table scatter (targets dollar bin, also great math counters) lego men, and tractor
 Cute little farm
Here is the farm part of the "Fall farm small world"
barn, lego animals and men
Around the whole "small world"  I drew a brick road.
I love setting these up because the kids add to it.  We started with this & currently we have Batman, green Lantern their cars and an array of super hero's playing on the farm.  Its fun to see imagination at work.
Have fun Playing ~ Laura

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